Water- and alcohol based coatings
  • dedicated to steel and iron castings
  • high protection against burn on of the molding / core sand to the surface of the casting
  • smoothness and cleanness of a casting surface
  • high thermal resistance
  • lack of casting defects (e.g. veins, pinholes)
  • various of application methods (painting, spraying, dipping)
Special coatings

(reinforcing, impregnating coatings, coating for electronics parts, anti-adhesive and anti-erosion coatings)

Resins and hardeners
  • dedicated to different technologies (no bake process, alpha-set process, alkyd process, CO2 process, hot-box process, thermoshock process)
  • suitable for bonding cores and parts of moulds
  • excellent bonding strength


  • 30-year experience in the Polish market
  • Professional R&D department
  • Well equipped Laboratory
  • Technical consultancy for Customers
  • English speaking foundry experts
  • Trusted long-term partner for European manufacturers

Prec-Odlew cooperates on a daily basis with research units such as the AGH University or Łukasiewicz – Krakow Institute of Technology. It also carries out R&D projects with the support of European funds.



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